look back

why look back?

because we remember who we were and what we came from. scarswe see snapshots of happy times, hateful times, loss.

they are scars , some have disfigured me heinously deeply marking me in a way so many people never see.

there are sounds too…sounds of music, laughter, friends, then whispers, then silence.

scars again where friends were no longer there when i looked back.

tears and scars.

hard to see through those tears.scarsmean

i walk forward

i rarely mean to look back

but if i trip up , or life pushes me over, i see it again.

then i remember the scars…

physical scars heal easily- they seem more superficial than the emotionally deep wounds.

snapshots of some people inflicting pain must merge into a lesson learnt.

some will never heal due to how they are imposed as open wounds, others no longer painful, but there…part of the me i have become.

are you beside me?

or are you behind me?paini



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