Can’t you SEE i am EXHAUSTED?

Can’t you SEE i am EXHAUSTED?

sure how could you?

how could you SEE it, when i suffer it and words aren’t adequate for me to describe to someone who does not have FATIGUE in what seems like every CELL of their body.

your eyes are tired in their sockets, hair hurts to move it, legs..lifted by hands one at a time…so so so tired.

can’t describe it- not at all.

when am being wakened up am EXHAUSTED fatigue get up

get to the end of bed


the effort of moving to bathroom

mental fatigue questions

don’t be asking complicated questions like “which painkiller do you need?”

overwhelming effort to think that much


this kind of post workout feeling

except in your case THAT is the feeling of shattered after have had a shower.



every day exhaustion

not when you are doing a job like the laundry

fatigue laundry

as i wouldn’t have the energy to do that!

yet worse at times – worse than THAT?

YES fatigue2

medically related?

prove that!?

unrelated to effort

inconsiderate of situation

limbs have done imaginary marathons- especially legsfatiguelegs

brain must literally go into shut-down

fatigue brain

no restart button

looking tires me or is it concentration

faigue table


completely overwhelming



fatigue instant



chronic weakness

aches where i haven’t moved

pillow and blanket nearby

is this it?

sometimes i WONDER…if i wasn’t wakened, would i WAKEN? eventually?



emotional exhaustion

physically burnt out

by being bad hair day

at a cellular level

please understand



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