dignity V charity #justgiving

dignity i have long lost

have also lost the ability to do many things

to be outdoors much

to socialise

to Live – with any independence or spontaneity.

After SEARCHING for power assisted wheels, which could make me able to do a LOT more than sit in and look at the four walls which is my main occupation, while awake, we FOUND the device.

its price tag was MAD!!

dignity costs.

about £5000.

i was bemoaning the never a mission likelihood of me winning the lotto , so my friend drew me a motivational picture..:chiariawoama

and next thing i knew my old Pilates instructor and the ladies decided to do some fundraising..

“project Helen’s Wheels”….

  1. TODAY they are climbing a mountain
  2. in October they are holding a coffee, cupcake and SAX morning…in the studio
  3. in November, a supper in a local restaurant. ALL profits….
  4. am shocked…

i can’t describe the difference to my life these would make, yet in my head there are so many MUCH more deserving causes than me.

But am emotious: a mix of emotions, proud, humbled, happy, overwhelmed, mortified, nervous, and a bit optimistic.

I present to you…Project Helen’s Wheels

As i have a rare condition, am UNABLE to find ONE charity to help me…so am dependent on friends, and family.

So PLEASE GOD….one day….


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