Round and Round we grow.

ROUND and ROUND we go

Rounder and Rounder we grow!

constant circle


inevitable cycle

increasing SIZES….

buying BIGGER, stranger, weird and tent-like fashion

illness an constant pain

immobility and fatigue




drugs do not have lose weight as a possible side effect.

you can’t exercise due to pain and your condition.

you fill up with pills

metabolism stopped

round and round and rounder you grow

and people judge that rotund you

not knowing that life that caused it.

i don’t WANT to be fat.

i don’t EAT enough to be fat.

i end up becoming expert at photoshop – the expert at pruning lumps of ME out of pictures. A fat arm here, a few chins, ….

Half a body here and there.

it’s a shitty facet of being so sick

i will be in my wheelchair FAT…but the disability CAUSED the FAT…don’t JUDGE this as my choice of life style , and style in ANY WAY.

another CRUELTY of this condition.

So i sit here, suffering pain, eating no CARBS but gaining weight.

learning how to look like you are layering clothes in a deliberate way…not hiding your belly and so you FIGHT up the zips on last years BOOTS.




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