True Life With Traumatic Brain Injury

brain damage – a GREAT blog on the effects.

Life After Traumatic Brain Injury

Yes, it took me almost 20 years to be able to say it, but I have a traumatic brain injury. I am head-injured. There’s really nothing wrong with saying it, but for the first five years or so, I was not willing to tell people the reason I’m a little different.

The problem with that strategy was–for me– that I looked completely normal. People couldn’t understand why I made certain choices, and they didn’t comprehend why I would react the way I did when I was told my actions were inappropriate. It’s not because I’m mean, stupid, crazy or retarded; it was because I had a head injury–and my brain was doing the best it could given the circumstances.

Even the smallest things would set me off: I remember my dad telling me to stop reading and come out of my room when my sister was in town for a…

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