BRAIN FATIGUE…it’s unfair, it’s unnatural, it’s completely OVERPOWERING.

at least i have a brain

you know what i HATE bout this stupid brain …?

the SIMPLEST of tasks…

  • like try on the bits that arrived from TKMaxx and Urban outfitters (ie my version of shopping from the sofa)
  • and then sort your trousers into bundles on your bed…no lifting…just sorting…,

can leave you F-l-o-o-r-e-dFeatured Image -- 9529

not FLOORED like this princess, ..

FLOORED as in :

  • pains in my legs to move them
  • sweat running in rivers on my face – a very pleasant problem
  • hands dropping things
  • want to CRY tired
  • want otherpeople to understand there IS a TIRED that feels like this..
  • brainfog

so angry at that…

this is where me and acceptance have the odd battle.

it is not FAIR…the input does NOT fit the RECOVERY

600px-Signs_of_fatiguei mean TIRED. DONE. STUCK.
and i don’t mean tired-have-a-sit-down…
i mean tired-write-off-the-complete-day

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