Saturday LEGS… chiaristyle

i WISH i could describe Saturday Legs.
i have weakness in legs all the time, and pins n needles, throbbing pain and numbparts…
i LOVE Choir on Fridays- but i PUSH my physical ability in legs and i feel HUMAN doing that music. Its so good.

But Saturday LEGS???

  • from the WAIST DOWN the pain.
  • not my hip,
  • not my knee,
  • my EVERY BIT of leg.
  • shins,
  • calfs,
  • soles of feet,
  • quads
  • ankles
  • heels
  • … EVERY CELL in my leg SCREAMS at me…
  • and no amount of pain relief can dull that down.
  • Moving is AGONY. ..on Saturdays i WISH they could remove my legs and PUT my body on wheels.

pet tortoise fitted with wheels

The joys of Chiari malformation.
oh yeah- all my normal bits continue too… but i can’t notice past these LEGS!!!



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