not Half living. Living HALF a LIFE.

the half life

not about MID LIFE. crises or otherwise.
my life.
i LIFE about HALF of a LIFE now.

the “HALF-LIFE”  was a nuclear chemistry issue, when i was a student, and a teacher.

the HALF-LIFE also had a role to play in the “aging” or dating of matter.

a modern and exciting scientific issue…of nuclear relevance.

now it is NOT about Carbon dating.

not about uranium…

about ME

i LIVE what can only be termed a “half-life”

not that i am disappearing at a parabolic Rate, BUT i seem to be merely “AWAKE” for what is about HALF of a LIFE.

there is a fairly normal path to follow on the life cycle of a human

lidecyclehumanand then there is a subgroup of the humans known as the brain fatigued.

In this category go people, in my OPINION only, who :

  • have chronic neurological conditions
  • have had brain injuries
  • have had trauma or brain surgery.

THIS is the category where HALF LIFE exists for humans….or at least it DOES for me!



  • due to chiari malformation
  • post meningitis
  • acquired brain trauma
  • … lots of reasons.

does it AFFECT me?

  • when i stand up my legs are exhausted
  • when i “think” in detail i must REST.
  • words tire me
  • now and again i can DO something special.
  • in my 18 months of post brain-surgery…i have had 2 EXCEPTIONS!
  • one my 50th #lifestooshort party in November
  • one recording choir for BBC in May

THIS is living a HALF LIFE

i can rest up, sleep it off, allow recovery days, BUT my BRAIN FATIGUE stops any semblance of normal life.

Symptoms (1)

i live …the starting at lunchtime…sleeping during the day…every day…HALF-LIFE.

Can i change it?


Nobody can rewire a BRAIN!


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