be real. be strong.


don’t waffle

no bullshit

mean what you do

do what you mean to

no try


have morals

stand for themIMG_6675

you have the spine now use it.

stand up for or fall down for your beliefsIMG_7991-0

don’t see GOOD short.

CHALLENGE what is wrong.

those who accept wrong ENDORSE it.

friends are not ensured for life

but the ones who are are worthwhile

MAKE the impact

be the hero

not the victim.

don’t give less than your best

know your talents

KEEP them well used.

know WHY you were given them

use them wisely

never let them lie gathering dust

NEVER assume them.

surround yourself with people who care

who YOU love

who LOVE you

who make you their priority

and you do the same.

if they matter enough to kill for….

that’s the feeling you need.

a POOR excuse of a human should never have any power to hurt you

poor use of power is abuse of some type and it is NEVER right no matter who’s hands it is in.

a manipulative weasel WILL  not damage you if you refuse him…..if you do not allow him to wear your mind.

NEVER respect any man for his title, his uniform or his POSITION

BAD people are bad in any context

and exist in any context

any colour



They may hold POWER over you but that is merely AUTHORITY

but that does not make wrong right.

never sell your integrity to that type of system

in the end right is seen for what it is.abuse

Respect must be earned.

Be strong

Be determined

stand FIRM for truth

Be the best YOU that you Can.

That’s what matters!


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