don’t like NYE

Don’t like NYE

Don’t like New Year’s Eve.

I am sorry. but i find the “NYE” thing sad, and emotionally challenging.
I always did and the older that i get the more it seems to be more about “ABSENT” friends and illnesses. Particularly so this past few years for our family.
I know that has to do with my mental attitude.

I chose to “think about” my 2015.
For me and my health, i found myself both adjusting to a-new-version-of-me and wanting to be more able than i currently am.

I have some incredible people in my life. People who wanted to do good- and I was so humbled by them, that i saw, for the first time in several years, that people are KIND, and that humanity exists in large amounts when we look for it. They know who they are.
So in 2015, I found my faith in people and in goodness being restored.
So an epic transition in me took place in 2015.

I chose not to throw out the blasé comment but to revise my year in pictures….and many of you are there.
THANKYOU for helping me to be the ME i am now.
I love you

Helenxxthe year that was 2015.jpg


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