let me be ME. not rumours of me.


Let me be me.

I have always been ME.

judge ME by what i do,

by what i say.

By asking ME you will hear of me.

what i am,

what i produce,

not what i am said to be.

MUSIC can’t lie…

I still invest ME in my musical output.

let my music define my personality

not what others may say i am

I am ME.

Let my actions be my truth.

not the twisted versions that you may have heard…

did they even seem believable?


as i always was.

where you left me.


lonely me…led to

stronger me.

i had to be ME…

who else?  

What is different?

it’s ME.

completely ME.

the ME it has taken my whole life to learn to be….

the best ME i can.




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