social life on WHEELCHAIR

Social life

see? if i say it quickly it is in not scary?

except that it is.


I exist only virtually (online) or by someone discussing me.

A lot of people lose concept of longterm illness and assume that however long you are cooped up post serious acute crisis that people assume you are improving… after day…. that notion matters.

I wont be improving.

I have been adjusting to life in the slow lane.

my legs i use for choir.

a few hours a week they move… BUT when they move for more than a few minutes the PAIN is incredible….as my brain and my legs have become disconnected.

Have written about them before…and this is not that blog…

THIS blog is…. about POSITIVE. the people i love and who really love me have all done collecting and just giving… and #projecthelenswheels was an incredibly humiliating success.

so yippppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i can now go out!


am googling how to adjust to life in a wheelchair.


i see so few real people.

my BIN meets more people than i do.

where do i start?

LIFE has moved on in those 2 years of my “rehab” and adjusting….

but with only very rare sightings of me….


just more forgotten.

So inside it’s me… but i am a NEW ME.

I am used to ME…

what do i say to the world?

where do i go?

what is easy?

how do others make me feel?

“Hi . i am still HELEN! Just different.”….

if these folks can do it…

i can.

can’t I?








  1. Oh, I pray, Helen, that you can do it. I know you can and the Lord knows you can. It may not be easy at first, but He promises to grant us the strength we need to face each new day. And as you well know, there may be lots of “non-success” before there is real and comforting success. One of the most meaningful encounters I’ve ever had in my life was with a man with no legs in a wheelchair. It was his smile, his grace, his warmth, and his compassion that literally lifted me up and out of the dark hole I was sinking in. Love and hugs, N 🙂 ❤

    • Natalie
      Thank you.
      It’s strange In a ward or with salespeople of wheelchairs it feels very normal. And I can joke away an make my politically incorrect jokes.- as they do too.
      But in the real world will be strange.
      Especially as I have seen so few of my old friends outside my virtual networking world. That will be interesting.
      But I will do it.
      Planning this week first
      H xx

  2. thanks Jean.
    am gonna open up the “but you can stand up at choir”… or “but you can walk” dilemma… but if they UNDERSTAND and see the pain …they will GET me. i hope.

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