Meningitis is a hateful infection

a necessary complication of a lot of brain procedures.

Meningitis is where (now 2 years later) i think that i lost the connection between my brain an my head.

I will repost annually what it is like – as as a mother, pre-meningitised, i thought the symptoms to watch out for were limited to :

  • THAT rash
  • chin onto chest was PAINFUL in NECK
  • incredible temperature
  • incredible and in someway NOT MISTAKEABLE fOR ANY OTHER…

so here we go… MY experience of meningitis. written January 2014.

It hurts. Meningitis.

No I haven’t been on for a while.

All the while since I leaked CSF about ten days ago, after the surgery for decompression which was 4 weeks today , doctors have been Chasing blood tests and CSF sMples.

The white cells and something else which meant double Dutch to me -parameters of measuring the CSF and how much infection is in it.

So it seems when I came this week my white cell count in the brain fluid was very high.
The second and third samples results held or fell marginally. Then on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday we took more and was waken on Tuesday night.

The numbers and markers had risen dramatically. We were now treating bacterial meningitis.

Very strong IV antibiotic while the microbiologists are still trying to slowly incubate the precise sample. I’d they do find it we have up to 6 weeks on IV If not a fortnight IV.

Obviously because I must have been a mass murderer in a previous life i have still to compound it all with a few
MORE weeks then to check infection remains clear and that I finishing off with shunt inserted inbest possible circumstances

Body pains
Leg and back pain
Shuffling across bed agony
Whichever part of moves against the bed hurts
Temperature spikes
Sharp pains
Neck moving pains
Eyes burning
Piddling hurts your head
Chewing hurts your head
Opening you eyes is a killer.

That’s this week
Want to go home
All better
To my little men.


Prayers please.




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