Procrastination sounds like a lazy avoidance of work 

In my experience procrastination is anything but avoidance. And in effect it is an exhausting thing. 

I need  explain. 

My small clutter. 

My wool. Pre bought. Pre used. Pre planned. But bought at discount and like every other knitting and crochet addict several blankets and hats ahead of where you are working. It grows. 

 The boxes from a few Christmas presents. All open end of course and the jewellery in its case. But the box being held for a wee while 

My clothes. Not perfectly hung as they aren’t out away yet. As there needs to be room made in my presses. In ONE wardrobe for the really fit currently honest bunldle which occupie this space.  

Oh and this! I need more hangers. A perfect reasoning for a procrastinating mind.    
TLast is really the issue. 

Legacy items of huge emotional value. I have decided they deserve to be made beautifully into a memory blanket for me and maybe a cushion for dad. But emotionally this has priority. 

And emotionally it’s weight holds me back. 

Until I find the right person to tackle the heartfelt job. 
So while I avoid beginning for all those perfectly reasonable reasons…my mind churns them all around daily. 

Procrastination is mentally wearing and not easy to break out of.



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