Age is years of wisdom gained.

AGE is a number

AGE sells skincare

AGE seems to be feared and ugly.

AGE has helped me learn so much.

  • beauty is on the INSIDE
  • friends are the people who come in when your life explodes
  • a few real friends are so priceless
  • age is LIFE – years you have survived.
  • it doesn’t matter how other people view you
  • your morals mean so much and will be reflected in the people you end up close to.
  • people can paint you many ways but eventually your actions define you
  • i hurt easily as i am emotional. I could be harder, but then i would not be able to feel extremes of pleasure or pain. As a musician and as a person, that would not be me.
  • life actually is short
  • being YOU and UNIQUE is a good thing. Have your own style, your own opinion and wear that with confidence.
  • happiness is not an end result, it is enjoying being alive more than allowing others to knock your enjoyment from you
  • ugliness is a personality type!…not a physical asset!
  • SHOULD, WOULD, COULD are unattainable myths…which in most sentences only served to make me feel a failure.
  • family matters
  • you do NOT plan to live your life in retirement…you may never see it. Live NOW.
  • begrudgers exist – believe me. I was knocked down. But i don’t have the ability to give up.i have determination, strength and courage…and so after falling,  i GET UP.
  • you can not change others – you CAN change how much you allow them to affect you
  • teach your children to be moral and resilient….not necessarily obedient to the system…stand up.
  • love is many different things..and it changes as you need it to.
  • illness is not related to AGE.
  • shit happens EVERYBODY. At times it seems to be drawn to some people so much it is unfair, and life makes no sense… Those are the times you need your friends and they need YOU!.
  • never stop dreaming. you can redefine your GOALS as long as you want to.
  • ability, creativity, talent are not related to age – you ADD to their value with experience
  • there is no such AGE as OLD
  • 50 years of experience, of memories, and of learning are so worth having.
  • I am lucky to be alive!

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