the elephant in the corner.

I can see the elephant in the corner!

an elephant.

a HUGE manmade elephant.


An important and obvious topic, which everyone present is aware of, but which isn’t discussed, as such discussion is considered to be uncomfortable

The elephant is HUGE…

allowed to sit there for far too long…

never mentioned…even referred to…

yet it sits ON history of YEARS of very positive memories

years that we pretend never happened…

all those years erased…

you seem able to avoid it,

walk around it,

talk OVER it.

The Elephant in the Corner that Nobody Wants to Talk About by Banksy

I can’t stand pretending i don’t see it…

i want to TALK about the elephant.

i want to look closely and examine this elephant

Who owns this elephant?

who created the elephant?

with the fabric of lies, and hurts, and wrong doings.

is it a WHITE elephant?

white elephant

An expensive but useless possession which people spend a fortune maintaining rather than admit their folly.

What do YOU fear would happen if we spoke about the elephant?

i AM that elephant banished to the corner.

i see you peep as you pass by.

and whisper to my other old friends


as you feel the loss too.

as i stand silent tears


the elephant you allow to remain alone in the corner.



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