10 ways to have a GOOD doctor’s appointment!

how to make SURE you have a good medical appointment.

at least i have a brain

too many people dread doctor’s appointments.

too many people know they get poor value at a doctor’s appointment

too many people go in HOPEFUL and come out disillusioned from doctor’s appointment.

my parents’ generation still go in and come out with a “thank-you Doctor”, hanging off every word they are told.

we are VULNERABLE and BEGGING for genuine help when we make an appointment.

do the rest of you not leave too many times feeling

  • deflated?
  • unimportant?
  • as if you are imagining illness?
  • as if they have never heard such waffle?

why is this acceptable?

a DOCTOR’s nowadays, is not a place where a really ethical, nerdy, caring 24/7 man operates from during the night…Those were the doctors of my childhood.

  • ….Dr Brennan….the man who drove my father to Belfast and walked with him to the Neurosurgery department and said “This man NEEDS to be seen” – when nobody here…

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