ironic words “TRUST” and “CARE” in health terms.

the “care” system…within the health “trusts”..

and let me say –  at the outset “this is my opinion”… althoug i suspect it may also be the opinions of MANY, and YES i perhaps generalise – but my opinion is entirely based on personal experiences of :



lack of provision,



generic and basic guidelines which do NOT stand up to scrutiny,


complaints processes designed to REMOVE focus from care,

and bury a carer in paperwork mountains and annoying little people.

i think these are the 2 most IRONIC and CRUELLY MISLEADING words in the health system….TRUST …….CARE.

The “TRUSTS” -to ME – are a body of grey middle-managers…who seem when threatened, challenged to morph into a different equally grey, equally inept middle manager with a different just as bewildering title.

the “TRUSTS” are the decision makers, the funding appropriators, the self-auditors…NOT the frontline service workers. These in some cases are very good, although in many cases are disempowered by the channeled structure built to chicane them in their TRUST psition, so no room for a forward, radical thinker!

these “TRUSTS” periodically create arse-covering documents of guidance in terms of staff directives. NOT for patients or carers. Now bearing in mind that these DECISION MAKERS are perhaps from a para-medical background, or perhaps have no medical qualification of any sort.

They receive advice briefings on what they SHOULD do, from the uvergrey BIG managers that are the HSC commissioners – or “health and social care” – or as i heard them described by a hospital doctor recently…” a group who destroy the NHS from the inside out”.

Once the HSC have dispatched their directives, it is entirely up to each TRUST how, or indeed if, they are implemented. But from that point in time, the HSC have covered their collective arse….”we have advised…..” . Obviously they police the implementation….NO THEY DO NOT…they accept any self-audit quarterly from TRUST managers,….the Russian Dolls who keep morphing into others…all slightly better paid…but doing what? i have no idea.

Now again, let me give you some examples of TRUST-able practice…

  • funding specific to frontline services was NOT used for this!
  • there is NO regional framework for the structure of each trust- as in what % of staff should be bureaucrats as opposed to health WORKERS at any time!
  • HSC and NHS are so intertwined that an NHS manager may stepdown in discgrace and within hours be in a JOB on the HSCB…the BOARD…the higher echelon of the HSC.
  • yet HSC and PHA are “theoretically out there to promote OUR patient and carer awareness and information flow.
  • i have spent YEARS in a voluntary capacity, in close contact with HSC.. at several levels….do i feel they represent me as a PATIENT/PARENT?          NO!…they:
    • give  little imfornation to parents,
    • tick a few boxes in producing vacuous care-plan documents
    • do NOT give transparent information to parents and carers, or
    • enough specific direction to enforce change in practice by trusts.
  • these bodies all fall under the guidance of GMC – general medical council. This organisation advocate that PRACTIONERS (doctors) make  judgement on you- thepatient…you the parent….you the carer….about how much information you receive about your treatment. It is an archaic practice called “MEDICAL PATERNALISM” ….and it disgusts me!
  • see previous blogs :
  • the God Complex…
  • the God Complex the Sequel…

These are the bodies GOVERNING, your CARE….statutory care…(and would NOT be my choice of words in ANY way!)

  • statutory CARE as covered yesterday on RTE Prime Time, is NOT all roses.
  • Scroll to date 22/5/2013 abuse case in bangor…
  • ABUSE through neglect,
  • physical abuse
  • verbal abuse
  • and to be honest abuse by MISUSE of drugs to sedate are all TOO FREQUENT!
  • many people view vulnerable as the young and the elderly. and they are two very important groups! But there is an even more vulnerable community, who, unfortunately depend in many many cases on statutory care being in their best interest…
  • the learning disabled community. Particularly the non-verbal, or unable to communicate group.
  • for intance an autistic young person, who gets frustrated due to communication gaps, has melt downs which are mistreated as behavioural breakdowns. These people due to their size and strength, may need be in a CARED for environment from sttutory transition from special needs school aged 16. They MAY be there for the remainder of their lives.
  • Parents and Carers, have no option but to trust the care that these innocent folk are recieving…yet how can they?
    • they do NOT have to be consulted on drugs/treatments given
    • side effects
    • alternatives
    • they do not find it easy to access a DR – their cared for is over 18, so therefore, there is a VERY grey area of WHO is responsible for the young person….and theTRUST generally appoints  a person as in charge…a person inside the care system.
    • i know of cases where people have been sedated and incarcerted with NO consultation with parents for many years…and given medication –offlabel use– which would help calm/zonk them!
  • It is easier to get a view on is my 4 yr olds treatment, developmentally appropriate?….
  • where did my elderly mum get this bruise?…
  • but NOT to have any development provision even considered for an ASD adult in care…NO INPUT in care plan….NO INFO on medication regime…NO CHOICES on drugs considered.
  • and your child will potentially be “CARE”d for long after you die.
  • what a SYSTEM
  • one in which staff abuse is hidden… as guidance uses words such as “should“, “may“, “where possible“, “perhaps“…so no blame can be apportioned!
  • and the IRONY – if you – a MAMMY– had a child at home and you were caught:
    • shouting at your child
    • throwing your child down
    • pulling your child
    • allowing your child to scream in a hi-chair for hours..
  • YES!…your child would be REMOVED from you…and put into CARE!

you may have noticed…i makes me BEYOND angry!.

happy to stand over any comment made!



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