was lying in bed last night, and as you know my presses contain size 12, 14, 16 , plus+
and although i did a vacuum pack away and clear an exist-able space when i had to a while ago, I felt last night, i wanted to DO a PROPER JOB on it..
i had no definite day in mind, but …got up and dressed, and make up on…and then DIDN’T even go downstairs.
STARTED straight into it.
presses not examined since we moved in!
so the major wardrobe clear was TODAY!…. hadn’t planned it. But spent about 7 HOURS at it.
am completely exhausted.
BUT i NOW have discarded the likelihood/chance of  Ever needing size 12 in REALITY.
thank GOD that baggage is gone.
Charity shop got about 20 bags…
half a bag i vacuumed of tiny things Cora will love in time.
4 bags for my niece of purely size 12 jeans!
THAT MUCH rubbish.
but it

i feel like i was reversed over by a BUS!
BUT the METHOD of taking it on was not like me at all.
i have no idea why now……don’t  I know what was in my “psych”…i hoard and i do make excuses for those types of jobs and have NEVER EVER thrown myself into full day at this. sure it represents something. or i HOPE it does. something positive? 



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