good Friday….my funeral day…please?

Good Friday.

no matter how long it is since i was at church, at an involved level, i LOVE the liturgy of Good Friday.

Always did- musically and liturgically merged.

i STILL insist it’s the day… this was written 2 years ago

Don’t Laugh!

Good Friday is the day of the liturgical year that i want to be buried!

YES….i KN-o-o-o-W the Church may have a few rules we have to stumble over first.

BUT i have told several friends that THIS is the day i wan’t to be buried…

even discussed it with the choir last week at practice, and they all reminded me – in unison-“you can’t get buried in Holy Week”…

but i don’t care… we may start a campaign….cos i WANT to be artificial sustained, whenever i go, and get buried after the Good Friday liturgy.

NOT in an irreverant, upstage the Gospel, but i genuinely LOVE the service.

I have spent all my life in liturgical music…up to the neck in it…and above!

So i would like to be buried on Good Friday. friday

Sure can’t you get married in Lent now? and even married  in Advent?

So i suppose, any of you with a bit of insider Church connections, can have a wee word in advance, so that we don’t cause too big a twitter badpress at the time…as you all campaign for me… in the absence of Michael Jackson or Walt Disney funding some of of the Cryogenic machinery, i will settle for a vacuum pack in a freezer…never to be looked at again…but take me and defrost me for the Good Friday service.

Is that alot to ask? By the way – not Good Friday soon I hope…and really don’t mean to be irreverant…but am a wee bit determined! and as a prepayment… THIS…my Good Friday Musical Composition…was sent to me today – genuinely by a past pupil and friend.

THIS has been on my CD player for the last few months and i think is probably the strongest choral composition EVER. I love it, Helen, Thankyou. and Thankyou Bach….for this special work! enjoy

xx Hx

St John Passion, Bach


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