feeling forgotten

i am lonely.
i am very lonely.
i am alone.

at least i have a brain

 I’m sad today


long-term illness becomes stale

lack of going out becomes assumed

a lot of people assume surgery is cure

there IS no cure

i don’t need flowers or cards

i don’t assume people

i don’t want attention..

but maybe

i’d hope for some interest

some understanding

some thought.


Today i did the same old things



i DO feel sad

i KNOW “we are in a new stage-


diagnostic is past

critical is past

acute recovery past.


BUT I FEEL LIFE is passing too

PEOPLE are passing

interest is past

WHY do i measure against ME?

I am me

I do it my way

OTHERS can be FRIENDS and do it their way.

it’s not a right or a wrong issue…

and I know that.

but TODAY I hurt.

TODAY i tried to reach out

to explain ME



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