“It is what it is!”

I was in town a FEW times this week in my new wheelchair.

Am past CARING who looks at me me , and how.

i NEED my chair,  and i HAVE it, and WITHOUT it i could not BE there…end of.

So i have got a bit more determined.

“PIMP MY RIDE” has and continues to happen..with aplomb!

But as i met the many people who hadn’t seen me in years, i had some chats, some questions, and some people “delighted” to see me OUT!

so an overall good experience.

until we met a friend at the door to the shopping centre who rush passed me…

😦 …BUT i heard my name shouted… he came back. He said he hadn’t even looked at this person passing as potentially being me, how was i? and i said well i need my chair now to get out, and he looked at me so matter-of-factly and just put out his hands, shook his head, and said ,

“Look, it IS, what it is… with life, …it is what it is! What can you do?”.

and today, yesterday as i look at my painful, useless, aching, legs I don’t do any examination of WHY…i just remember “IT IS WHAT IT IS!”.

so i dress them legs up…

pain killers as required…


do the BEST i CAN…with what i now Have, and now AM!...



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