Getting my act back together

this BLOG…… i can feel every word on this page. so few people understand the “tiny” steps that count as MAJOR to brain injury survivers. Every action is cognitive/emotional/social/functional and measurable in RECOVERY terms.
worth a follow.

Broken Brain - Brilliant Mind

checklistOver the past couple of years, I feel as though I’ve let a lot of things slide. The main focus (with my neuropsych) was really on getting myself to not have such a harsh view of myself, and to lighten up on the “Type A” behavior and mindset.

That had its advantages, and I did learn to have a lot more compassion for myself. But it didn’t come without a cost.

I let a lot of things go. I wasn’t as consistent as I would have liked, with my undertakings and follow-through. To some, it looked like I was doing great, but under the surface, I was borderline-dissatisfied with how things were going.

And I knew I wanted to do better.

So, what sort of things do I want to improve?

First, how I take care of everyday business – paying bills, taking out the trash, keeping my home neat…

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