it is what it is.


yours and that of all your family.

the more you USE your wheelchair, the  less you can be social.

  • do you wanna come for a drink?
  • girls night out on cocktails?
  • an overnight with your dad and sister?
  • taxis?
  • public transport?
  • tablets?
  • RAIN? what if it rains? Can you use an umbrella too?
  • have you CLOTHES? for all the weather?
  • Bags for all the clothes…?
  • What if it’s cold?
  • have you enough blankets?? you did PACK blankets?
  • preparation to be made ALWAYS at your end…meets with what if on their end if someone is determined enough to go through with the invite and bring you OUT!
  • oh? how BIG is your BOOT?
  • Can there be someone there who will LIFT my WHEELCHAIR into the boot, and out? So that I can build it?
  • many shops in town – ruled out 😦
  • many toilets – not accessible 😦
  • spontaneous unknown accommodation? without phoning in advance for door measurements…
  • even shortest of holidays?
  • sand – no go.
  • grass – no go.
  • where’s the lift? seriously?? NO LIFT??
  • daytrips….. ??? seriously???
  • NOTHING just “happens” – it has to be strategically planned.
  • for ALL people with me.
  • i do NOT have a lotto win to buy a variety of chairs to cover all situations.
  • the expense of disability
  • so that’s it…
  • the reality.
  • the reality is you are LIMITED.
  • you are now DISABLED socially too.

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