wheelchair AREA – PLUS one!


Am not being a bitch

am not being deliberately provocative.

am being an ADULT. only recently belonging to the “limited” population- disabled in the world by THOUGHTLESSNESS and still inadequate PROVISION.

and i’d like when we go out as a family that there is an OPTION to remain as a family…not just a SILO for wheelchair PLUS ONE.

unless you have sat, SAT in the middle of a ROOM, Parked…. under so much scrutiny….. there like a piece of modern art…”homage to un freak” …or some other piece of RANDOM experiment…you have NO IDEA.

so ANYONE planning buildings, stadiums, offices…towns MUST involve the reality and the expertise of disabled peoples’ experience in their work!

I am new to the disabled world, but not new to common sense and decency.

Why would i NOT say hi to a wheelchair passenger?

Did i ever assume people who have the need for a WHEELCHAIR, to be blind, and deaf, mentally impaired, completely unaware the world? To not want interaction? To want to be patronised and spoken to as if all development stopped? To WANT to wear the one man waterproof TENT gear?

cool13 - Copy (2)

Did i ever trip happily and almost FALL OVER the scooter and turn and laugh to my friends, at the irony of ” falling over the wheelchair!”then rush past laughing with my friends as the “wheelchair” woudln’t mind…or understand…LAUGH??? LOLOL???


Did i ever complain that the ONLY way out of a new building was by pressing the button to open the door….cos woah, there is NOTHING wrong with me? why should we ALL be treated that way?

Have you ever LOOKED at how high a worktop is?? Where were the disabled when THIS was planned?

  • booking in at your GP
  • check -in at airport
  • paying in a restaurant
  • the “information desk
  • customer service
  • ticket office?
  • the turnstile at the football match?
  • the indigity of the fuss over YOU!
  • at an ATM?
  • too many others

IS it ok to chicane the wheelchairs off into an AREA for WHEELCHAIRS AND PLUS ONES… them with ONE member of their family. Inclusion my ARSE!.. look for God’s sake? Are we having a FAMILY FUN DAY??? NO!NO…NO!!!!!!!!!

  • ..i CHOOSE to sit with my family…with ALL of my FAMILY…not with ONE when we take a day out.TOGETHER
  •  atthematch
  • and take the last few steps there ON MY STICK. which does not mean
  • I am cured
  • I am LAZY
  •  I am faking disability.
  • it means you have NO IDEA how limited the WORLD STILL IS to someone in a wheelchair.


VERY ANGRY and Disappointed that it satisfies stats on some paperwork, some desk, on a theoretical list of “what do they need?”

This little rant i wrote in tears a few weeks ago… the WHEELCHAIR dignity?

and a better one i READ today… mine is more in PAIN. this is calmer things NOT to do to a WHEELCHAIR using PERSON!

we deserve better.

ANYONE deserves better.

SOCIETY…you remain the disability!




  1. Been there, done that, thought all of it. And still it goes on. Still I sit in my wheelchair watching people make erroneous assumptions and judgements. Sometimes I comment loudly as if they’re all the things they think I am What they are, in truth, is stupid. And don’t even talk to me about he heights of counter tops etc!

  2. I do not know in what sense Your husband said ‘At least You have a Brain,’ my Dear Helen! I write this bec You did not seem too happy about that.

    But his statement seems like High Compliment to me. And, as You are writing all this, and with Your passion and Activity with Music, Your Brain surgery has not had the better of You. (Both these points from Your About.)

    The problem with those who get to ‘arrange’ things for us, in the government, and in other walks of like, is that MOST of them either do NOT have the experience, or, worse, they do not CARE.

    Which just proves that they are Lame Brains, or, in other words, Handicapped, Severely, themselves.

    • the day he say it, “well at least you still have a brain” – it was a DEFINITE compliment, as in, if i had to choose to be physically limited/challenged, at least the brain (the better part) remained.
      And to this day, i find a huge amount of black humour when my BRAIN (and my condition) were discovered… THUS the decision to write, and now possible the necessity to write.
      i LOVE your view, and your sincerity in this compliment.
      Bless you.

      • I am very glad it was a Compliment, and am also very happy for You and with You, my Dear Helen, that You have such a loving and understanding husband, who would pay You such beautiful and meaningful positive strokes! Blessings on both of You!

        The Brain is the better part indeed, and Yours is Making Great Impact. Thank You for sharing with Us Your experiences and thoughts.

        Much Regards. 🙂

  3. It again comes down to empathy. If we all were equipped to embrace it, we would know what it’s like to walk/stroll/roll in your shoes. From there possibilities are endless. But our world is lacking empathy. For that I am sorry. Keep your voice loud and strong!

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