” above ground”

I have learned the answer to

“how are you?”…is baffling.

  • it’s NOT an invitation to a health summary
  • it’s NOT that the person does not mean well by asking it.
  • they aren’t rude if they leave mid-answer… thy may have to.
  • but i am not sure, WHY, but it’s the wording of the question that put’s me under pressure.
  • so i have learned to evaluate the circumstances
  • see WHO is asking and the depth of an answer they want.
  • and all they WANT, is to know you are WELL…a NOT WELL is a disappointment and it requires more time and detail.
  • my older, wiser, been -through-shite-and-still-alive ME, has learned that the BEST-FIT answer for me, to “HOW ARE YOU?” is… “still ABOVE GROUND!”….and that fits all possible people and required information.
  • in pain
  • in emotional torture
  • doped with medication.
  • i am STILL alive…and i need to remember that
  • and enjoy the small things a day brings me. ❤
  • “still ABOVE GROUND!” – means ALIVE – what MORE could we be?



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