when you ask for “HELP!”

when you ask for “HELP!” you are showing vulnerability.

but as i grew older i knew that vulnerability was a strength.

you are open and raw

you are stripped of dignity,

you have no motif,

no agenda,

no idea what to expect in response,

no planned outcome or measure.

but you feel a sadness that you need ask

you…  a demoralised inadequacy.

acknowledging your inability to go it alone

admitting exhaustion at the current status quo.


i pleaded, “help me now, I can’t continue with this unaided”,

words shed through flowing tears,

tears of guilt,

and disappointment in myself.

Disability should NOT have difficulties caused by it, but it does.

It should not be an extra living expense, but dear GOD it is!



those of you who can do right, please do right.

i live in hope of your care

in a state of instability physical and mental

of increased emotional torture

in yet another LIMBO.








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