Brain Injury and Brain Injury Help.

i have a rare brain “condition”(my chiari malformation)- That is , what it is…and it is SHIT!

But following surgery for it, i gained myself some BRAIN INJURIES – and they were not unexpected, but effects have altered life for me.
I’m living with a brain injury.

And i have been relying on the team in Drumcoo, for rehabilitation with the Community Brain Team.

Since i found them, and made contact, and agreed i fitted the  access requirements to have them assist me, I have an Occupational therapist, brain /neuro specific who has been my point of contact when something else changes in my ability

And I have needed (and still do) Counselling on how to adapt to a very different ME – than before your brain injury.
i FOUND the Community team by accident, nobody told me it existed.
I genuinely would say it’s my first port of call when i need information or help.

There should be more awareness of Brain Injuries, and the impact they can have on families.

We were unprepared for the changes and difficulties that Brain Injuries could involve, and i wrote really recently about that:

Brain Injury and Beyond.

BUT, PLEASE be aware this blog is there maybe to INFORM even ONE person that each trust in Northern Ireland has a Community Brain Team. I rely on it heavily, and possible always will, but i want to raise awareness of the HELP that is there for us who have brain damage.

Help is limited but it IS there and it has helped me.

Fermanagh Matters  on (Irish TV channel) covered Drumcoo recently, and i wanted to share it.
So…Shane (my neuro psychologist) explains it much better than me…

Fermanagh Matters – Brain Injury Explained.




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