the most painful tears

are for you

tears of loss

tears of loneliness

tears of sorrow and great sadness

tears wishing life had been different

and that choices weren’t made….

words weren’t said….

the most painful tears

are never about my physical pain

but the emotional loneliness

of grieving for people who had to leave

not all of them taken from life

but from me.

the most painful tears

are silent


shed ALONE

never explained

never witnessed

and are from my heart.

yet how could they be heard?

in prayer, perhaps.

As i cry at times i physically reach out in gesture,

in words,

in hope?

but tears from so deeply within me they flow continuously from an original source

as i try to remind myself that there is nothing more i can do

it’s not up too me now.

no more ways i can say what i have

and have said it before

so i wait.

and wait

but still i cry.

the most painful tears

a mind full of memories and experiences shared

genuine acts that no words should ever be able to distort nor erase

so many vivid pictures of time spent as friends

and hope that you hear me

 that ONCE you listen

 you may hear not just the words

but the tears that show the words are from my heart.

i miss you

i am sorry for any hurt i caused you…

i forgive any wrong done to me…

that cancer had to be removed..

i have even forgiven the apologies i never received

life is too short

please don’t leave your words unsaid

i am listening

my heart is open

as i know the most painful tears would be the ones shed when it is too late.

crying tears



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