retaining my personality.

retaining my personality in a new body….

retaining my personality through new lifestyle…..

retaining my personality DESPITE your health limits….

PAIN causes change.

I sleep so much.

Drugs have side effects.

I have gained so much weight.

Inability to exercise causes weight gain…

So you have a NEW BODY… BIGGER… LESS ABLE…LESS ATTRACTIVE (to yourself)…LESS clothes options.

and THEN a wheelchair???

So what WAS my clothes personality?

and HOW do i keep being THAT me when i now get out?

  • hair – decided to go granny grey – an play with that instead of being the perpetual blonde all middle aged girls end up
  • i LOVE Dr Martens…Oh Lord i LOVE them…and now the seriously impressive thing is despite my numb toes and poor sense of balance, they KEEP my feet confidently FLAT so they’re perfect for me.
  • LEOPARD PRINT. there are never enough prints. YES i have done several layers of different prints!
  • BOOTS in winter. – NEED be thermally assisted. Jeez this year i may even resurrect the legwarmers.
  • “WEIRD” coats – hairy, or fluffy, FAUX fur, Shaggy, retro… ALL of them AND animal prints.
  • NAILS -always brighten my day if gelled properly 🙂

BUT in a wheelchair? Clothes?

  • Jeans  CUT into you?
  • Mark you through your top?
  • fringes stick in your wheels?
  • low rise  becomes builders bum?
  • Jackets roll up under you?
  • Cuffs slidedown while you propel?
  • Tights ping down to places they shouldn’t be as you lean forward.
  • and THEN the RAINWEAR. i will NEVER be the human one man tent.
  • you KNOW your legs are gonna get cold when you are OUTdoors but you can’t carry a wardrobe with you!

and THAT is how when searching for “disabled rain wear”, “disabled lap blanket”… i found what it IZ… it IZ….IZ   IZ adapted (discretely) clothing

a clothing company designed FOR disabled issues in dressing, in clothing, BY disabled people and carers. It IZ so genius in the simple way the designs are CUT. And i LOVE it. i really, HONESTLY LOVE that people are allowed to be disabled, retain dignity, dress in what ever they want to, get wet, and all while LOOKING GOOD!

So IZ asked if i’d be an IZambassador – and I gladly said YES as it gets ME clothed with perks BUT….i will be the oldest ambassador, but heck i LOVE VINTAGE!

IZ – lovely folks that they are – ALSO have an ongoing DISCOUNT for EVERYONE WHO SAYS I SENT THEM BY USING THE CODE HELENIZ15 

The first buy for me is going to be the Lapblanket– as the genius thinsulate fabric for heat, and the way it wraps so neatly round, will flatter your legs…(in my case the BEST bit!)

So i DO endorse their ideas, delighted to, as i was delighted to see there was an OPTION to remain ME, and retain my own kinda clothes personality – shamelessly 🙂





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