I am in Dublin – my first days away with the new “legs”… the result in many blogs of fundraising by local friends and tweeps. #projecthelenswheels


this felt so good.
i was free-wheeling……flying……….and doing it.
So to all the friends you helped#projecthelenswheels THIS is how i felt! especiallyPamela Fyfe & Heather Fivey and the pilates angels who made up their minds it could be done.

i wish there was SOUND on this…cos i was like a child coming down a big hill on my bicycle….”wheeeeeee”….at the top of my lungs! ..thus the strange looks…and the clear space this woman is flying faces πŸ™‚

So i have managed in my scooter.
i have managed in a wheelchair where i needed help to push m along…
THIS is how it felt today to be able to do THIS ….on my own… in my OWN NEW “LEGS” ❀


Thankyou all for this! xxxxxxxx

Free bird



    • Lisa. It is a PERFECT amount of disability for me. My arms can do it with assistance from the wheels – so I can be independent! But I was a bit emotional too. And will always always remember that I depended on friends to make me raise funds. Truly truly humbling. But I would never had THAT amount of cash ever! Each wheel was Β£2000. Those women were humbling. And it will never be forgotten. Xxx

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