i have lost how to pray

i have lost how to pray

i have

and it’s not like riding a bicycle- you don’t learn it and once you do, you can never forget.

prayer is different.

I wasn’t sure where i kept my prayer

but i know the moment i lost it

it was taken from me in a major wrong

wrenched with my faith from my naive hands

but i didn’t realise the prayers were missing but they are.

i can’t find them.

i don’t know how to start having been through the loss process

and in my ill, tortured life, i NEED them so much.

i have so much to pray for and to pray about

yet nothing comes to mind but words of others

So have any of you seen my ability to pray?



  1. Helen, just start talking to God like you were talking to anyone else. There’s no formal way to pray. He just wants us to talk to Him and listen to Him. Then thank Him and invite Him to spend time with you. He’s always there and waiting. Just talk to the Lord! He knows what’s in your heart anyway! πŸ™‚ ❀

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