is here. ROCKBOTTOM is me…

and where you left me.

when my crippled, painful condition is pushed too far by the people who should help me. put me through a  lengthy, twisted, distorted process until I am completely mentally EMPTY….no more…i have no more… i can take no more… this is rock-bottom….this 2-dimensional outline of what was my life is what you have managed to create. did you not hear me SCREAMING OUT that i could take no more…in all those tears did you miss that i was at the end of my tether…that you were pushing me too far?…i told you….

let me LIE HERE…let me rest…and maybe then i can peel myself off the road you have mowed me down onto and once again see the value i thought that this limited life was……that you were meant to help me see as a valuable life…………….

you have completely failed to see the damage while you mowed me down.





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