Long-term Pain..PERMANENT PAIN…why do I grieve?

written so long ago.
yet so fresh.
all that has changed has been a worsening in my conditions, and a few more conditions added…

at least i have a brain

i have lots of long-term health conditions.

I have coped with them by adjusting my lifestyle

So even when i retired from teaching due to ill health – in a year when my health was not responding to treatment, i still felt happy enough. I felt like one of the lucky ones. Here was at just gone 42 , and retired on sick pay. I suppose i hadn’t really faced the implications of the health part…it was extremely brittle asthma, neck and shoulder pain,

Last year i really did!

During the few years since i retired i had developed new complications and exacerbations in conditions i already had. The asthma had been relatively well behaved as i had reduced so much of what i was doing, i had an electrical heart defect ..had had surgery on it once, was still was not resolved…my neck and shoulder pain was still there and seriously limited…

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