vulnerability HURTS so much

vulnerability HURTS

My strengths are my vulnerability, my honesty, my openness, my willingness to try again.

These are also my weaknesses.

vulnerability means openness

feeling the highs musically make your talent used fully

but there come LOWS wrought by hand of a few

vulnerable – wide open -no defences

so, again and again


you will feel hurt at the hands of others

or let down in them

by their lack of understanding

as your lonely voice echoes in the massive silence

they not understanding the damage to you.

vulnerable – wide open – i write to understand my mind

open again to out of context quotations

references to social media

i speak just my truth.

vulnerable to your twisted distorted wrong should you choose to hurt me with it

God sees  me – as i am

God sees my clear motives

no malice


and honesty

God sees scars.

you need to keep going


until the next time.

Would it hurt LESS if i opened my heart less?


but i would BE less

– less ME…

less honest to myself and

less emotionally expressive in my use of your gifts.

i love them too much to give less

so once i stop hurting again…

up i get

try again

keep going Helen.


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