…your social circle…

who have you in your help network? nobody.

family? not really. small. busy. distance.

work? when retired 10 years your group have their own groups….individuals.

fitness clubs? with illness?

groups? no.

a church? NO.

i mean a church community? i know…and no. not anymore. sadly.

when you become ill…the circle becomes so small -a room where your family sits.

When you remain ill…it becomes very difficult to continue any network…

Just the people in your home….and thank GOD for them!!



  1. I absolutely love the quote explaing the difference between Loneliness and Solitude. As an introvert I’ve had a number of ‘judgements’ handed down due to it. I can tell you without hesitation, I’ve been in a room full and never been lonelier. Yes, I love people and have spent most of my life in a caring/healing profession but need a certain amount of solitude in my life. Léa

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