If only

if ONLY people KNEW!

at least i have a brain

If only:

  • i had a way to beat this pain
  • honesty was rewarded
  • karma really did go where it sees deserved
  • good people got life easy
  • people had less agendas
  • the justice system seemed to work
  • truth always came out
  • lessons were learnt
  • people didn’t feel it necessary to knock others down
  • trying your best was recognised
  • life was less difficult
  • your actions were remembered- spoke louder than words
  • people STOOD UP for injustice.
  • values were simpler like they used to be
  • what you saw could be taken at face value.
  • we could RESPECT others as equal.
  • life was fair.
  • God would help me…am tired trying to figure this shit out!


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  1. Oh so true dear Helen. It would be lovely if all those things were true, but in this world, in this life, they cannot. It happened when those first two humans opened the door to good and evil. But then one day the Messiah, our Savior came to reconcile us with God and if we choose to follow Him and adhere to His precepts, one day we will leave all this hurt and pain behind and live in a place such as the one you are asking for. In the meantime don’t be reduced or defeated but keep trusting the Lord! Love and hugs, Natalie 🙂 ❤

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