Midwinter this year

Midwinter it is.

Carol time

Caritas, my special group.

choir formed from the ground…where i had been put…and still was…and built up into a group aimed at fundraising. at being a positive force in local community.


the group in a short space of time have worked so hard, so sincerely.

i am so PROUD of them

This year my progress is that i now teach them from my wheelchair,

and obviously they assemble the keyboard, and carry all the music.

But being WITH them,

being inside MUSIC makes me retain the HUMAN…the OLD me…the before brain problems me. If it HAD come to a choice of the use of my legs or my musical talent…MUSIC would have won. EVERYTIME.

that’s my something special. That choral direction…it affects me in so many ways

but progression in me from last year is tangible.

this year instead of madly over-stretching myself and conduct, i conducted on a barstool.i HAD to. LEGS was not an option. NOT Even for a song…. i had done too much already, and my BODY has limit now….acceptance in a trade off is ok.

PAIN for music. RARELY but so so worthwhile.

the PAIN…the LEGS…the wouldnt wait on recovery days.

they were just constantly gone.

And my fatigue is MASSIVE.

Buuuuuuuut for 2 carol concerts, i can produce THIS…while raising money for local charities.

Thank-GOD i can.

for as LONG as i can make adjustments.

Midwinter. (arranged Chilcott)….musically directed by ME on a barstool….


if doesn’t play …try THIS link.





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