aside while i could.

while i could move more, i should have.

while i could talk to my mom, i should have valued it much more.

while i could plant pots in spring, i should have LOOKED more at the flowers and smelt them each.

while i could i should have valued things so much more.

while i could, we should have gone for so many mountain walks.

while i could do lots i didn’t appreciate it.

while i could travel and money was freer, i should have enjoyed it more and worried less.

while i could choose how to use my time i wasted so much of it.

while i could i didn’t know there was a timer switch on my ability.

while i could i must lean from this…

while i could i should have enjoyed the little things that were really HUGE things.

while i can, i must look, smell, enjoy, listen, laugh, live at the level i can NOW.





  1. Wow this is an amazing post Helen! I’m so proud of you and the Lord will honor your efforts to move on in faith and be a light in the world! You go girl and rise up to all that you can be. Much love and huge hugs❣️😘❌⭕️🌹

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