haven’t EVER had to consider bloods.

since have been unwell at Christmas – and it was VErY unwell-

basic bloods taken for infection

but SINCE then am in a blood-time-tunnel…and the awful part is that every blood test they take seems to have a new lack in something or abnormality in something….EVERYTIME we layer on a new WEIRD result.

  • no infection
  • low iron stores
  • low blood calcium
  • low sodium
  • hi parathyroid
  • low potassium
  • now salts seem settled but am “deficient in vitamin D”- there were even levels of low and mine is the bottom…
  • so endocrinology next…
  • but first repeat the parathyroid and the vitamin D.

i have gone straight from not going to my GP as no normal bits to bother them with

the MAIN issues are the BRAIN ones for neurology and neurosurgery and now respiratory assessment and cardiac assessment…..

but THIS BLOOD is getting bloody ridiculous!




  1. It’s never ending. Just said those exact words over something else. These tests these results these illnesses it’s all never ending and exhausting.

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