my mother.

my mother had to leave the fog of alzheimers 3 years ago.

i miss her. ALWAYS.

i quote her OFTEN.

i didn’t realise her great wisdom and analysis of people and of deeds until after she left- but she was SPOT-ON.

she knew right.

she knew wrong.

she had faith in her friends. but she recognised wrong-doing.

she was musical and non-valued as fully as she was talented.

had no tolerance of lies.


no matter where they came from.

Raised us gently.

Happy to  be the wife, the mammy, the lady who stayed at home.

how i miss you mam.

your voice quiet- but your support strong and your message was clear.

you gave us great example….without ever raising that voice.

i wish you knew that much more.

and i wish i could have done more to show how i appreciated you…much more. mammy's birthday





  1. Wow, what a great and loving tribute to you mom, Helen! I expect you possess many, if not all, of those same qualities that you admired in her! Love and hugs, N 🙂 ❤

    PS. And happy mother's day to you too!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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