I care

I care about so many people.

I care deeply

I care about injustice.

Wrong focussed on anyone.

In my childhood I was taught empathy. To feel for others. but to me that is humanity- basically.

but I NEED care.

Now life is new. New and not good. I am now a disabled person

but I NEED care.

When that happens it’s very difficult.

I have NEEDS for CARE. That’s a different perspective.

I amCOMPLETELY reliant on being assessed for “care” by strangers.

Not by any of my doctors. But by strangers.

Ironically they are budget led – so try NOT to see needs as them care would have to be given. It’s a heinous system

Strips you of personality,


Entitlement to a life of any worth as allied medical staff assess your being able to walk, to wash….. ignoring the mortification and indeed the struggles.

I came from one assessment so dizzy I felt ill – that wasn’t on their remit even though I have a neurological condition.

I came from the washing assessment and I cried. Overwhelmed and not a shred of my modesty or dignity intact.

I am writing this tears running down my face

As i sob (silently) for the layers of injustice and the many many people who die to needing CARE must survive the “measure of care” -as I did.

which due to weakness and illness we are expected to deal with…agree with… but given VERY little independent consideration, and no DIGNITY!, Helen


Poppy's Place

It’s funny. I expect that many, many people think that having people coming in to do things for you every day must be really nice. Some may even be willing to pay quite a lot of money for the privilege. But, for a disabled person who has to rely on carers for everything it’s not always that good. I hate it.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful but having carers, personal assistants or PAs as I prefer to call them, is not the barrel of laughs you might think it is. Sometimes you just want them to all go away and leave you alone.

I don’t know about other disabled people but I seem to spend three quarters of my life explaining the same thing to the same person over and over again.

You want a cup of coffee? Even though your PA has made you coffee every morning for…

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