Family Carers.

Depending on care doesn’t make you care less. It simply highlights awareness of All that is being done for you but not provided for by any trust.
Care and love are taken advantage of.

Ordinary Hopes

It is an odd term.

I have always cared for my family, even before having a child with higher than usual care needs.

“Carers” are people I can pay to come to my home to help support my son and to support me in caring for him.

Then they go home to eat in peace, relax, shower and possibly sleep in over the weekend. Maybe they have plans to go to a show or for a meal?

Uncomplicated plans.

Plans not affected by being “a carer”.

Yet, that is not my life.

My day starts when someone else needs me. That might be at 5am. There may not have even been a finish time the night before. Some days blend together. But my person needs me and they need me before I have had a wash, or got dressed or had a coffee.

My day has started and I do it willingly

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