is she cognitively damaged?

  1. i have an underying degenerative disorder
  2. a benign burrhole on Left skull
  3. a full decompression on back head
  4. a shunt in on right side
  5. was drained for 9 weeks from too much fluid-hydoreph
  6. and meningitis.
ooh and NOW MORE meningitis.
but i have to be CHECKED for damage,
is there a space for the ENORMOUS MOTION SICKNESS- sickness i felt by first vehicle passed on the way home
on way out of my bed from 29 days.
and i can’t REMEMBER how to do the vestibular REHAB…from 4 years ago…not a THING!!!!!!
that “ONE ” – physio did assess on the ward- you know the catch your finger and i cant?
or baby steps and i cant?
but all “THE PHYSIO I GOT” can say is LEG weakness rehab… and refused to LOOK at EYES. even when i ASKED for exercises…!!!!
my eyes are off line.
i can’t MOVE without wanting to VOMIT- not cos my IQ is ok…cos my brain is so screwed.
can she rembeber which is HER toothbrush?
but she WAS academic…so IQ is normal. …for WHO?? who says?
what kind of sick people selectively ask???

i feel like SHITE and am having to fall into the wrong tests.


please EXPLAIN there are things you deal with caused ACQUIRED BRAIN INJURIED…and i have fatigue, dizziness, sight problems, PLUS all the old bits l;ge weakness, numb bits eyc?
and am ANGRY i can’t remember HOW i recovered some balance last time?
can you let the PAPER pushers????? SEEE?????


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