gallery You got me so wrong.

You got me so wrong.

I never asked to be in such pain I’d have to retire young.

Had never even heard of chiari malformation. And it’s list of possible symptoms.

I didn’t think I would have so many and end u having nearly them all.

And what kind of stupidity would sign consent to have my brain opened – really opened – dura and all for an operation which may help prevent this disease progression.

People assume brain surgery would only be to remove something a cure. But it was never promised. And it didn’t make me better. Or stop my condition degeneration

Nor did I think that I was going to gain brain damage. –

Acquired brain injuries you call the events :

The hydrocephalus

The meningitis

The burrhole.

The main surgery- 8 hours of it

The shunt insertion.

And 4 years later more meningitis.

Do I use a wheelchair by fashion choice?

Do I choose the weight I am to my family.

My life is hard.


But I don’t fit the description of me you gave. Subtracting my conditions and removing the core of me.

You have a conscience.

I know that will be judged. Eventually. Remember me then.


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