a minor midlife moment.

it would hardly be described as a full blown midlife crises….BUT is definitely a midlife moment. A mental aberration A head stagger….call it what you will!!

I am a middle aged woman. NOT an on trend girl. Not a take risks with clothes girl. my only signature cheeky gesture is my love of leopard print tops and coats – which i have ALWAYS loved…before they were fashionable!201112 dec 2011

i have fallen for a pair of boots!

over the knee boots…i LOVE them.boots



BUT i tried them on and my sister happened to be there with the “hooker” jokes…i do love her!. In MY head they were going to look great with leggings and a tunic.

So have been packed in their box all week for returning – except I can’t let go – there’s a feel HAPPY factor in that box!

Sooooo i did what any clueless person does and asked Sera, the Agoraphobic Fashionista’s advice. I knew she would be honest, yet supportive and understand that a piece of clothing can change how you feel…so Sera wrote me this.

her over the knee boot blog

and has inked it to this on pinterest…tips on ways to style and still NOT to look like a bag swinger on a bad day!

so Sera, am going to HAVE to get them.

Yes i am 5ft 2″ small

but my legs are my thinnest part…

so i may look like i am wearing WADERS…but is worth the giggle 🙂





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